The Result of Green Energy Subsidies

A familiar theme to you on this blog, and to my Email friends. Subsidized green energy – wind, solar, and bio-fuels – are a road to nowhere except failure.

This post is about Spain, and the failure that they experienced, and continue to be burdened with. The government decided that solar energy was the future, and subsidized the most massive solar farms on the planet. Due to their budget and economic problems, the government was forced to eliminate the subsidies. The result? The providers, equipment manufacturers, and other hangers on are bailing out of Spain, leaving the poor customers holding the bag. Think there might be a message here for us, as well?

Read the Heritage article for much more.


Wealth Creation and Job Creation

The two of these are not mutually exclusive, nor are they mutually compatible. Both are the result of choices that are made to start/continue/rescue companies in the various stages of their life cycle. Yes, businesses have one too. I have seen too many businesses die since 2008. At least 36 of my former clients have gone bust due to the collapse of the housing bubble, and there was nothing we could do to stop it. Maybe we can restart some, as things come back, maybe not.

Reason has a broader perspective here.

We need a change in direction in November.

Omg. I did not believe this is America

As you know, I am a blogger, and proud of it. But, some rather chilling news came out today from Carolina. Blog or Email in any terms that the government finds “questionable” and you can expect a visit from the Nazis. EPA agents carrying arms? Yes. Local police back ups? Yes.

Don’t believe it? Read the article here.

And question exactly what we have become. Make a difference in November.

A Really bad Idea that is up for a vote

If ever there was a bad idea, it would be letting the UN control the internet.

But that immensely dumb idea is coming up for a vote in Congress. THIS WEEK.

I would ask “What the hell are these people thinking?” But, it is the US Government, which means that they aren’t thinking at all.

The details from WWUT are in a rather extended article here. A number of jumps, but a quick read.

As stated at the end, we need to take action now.

When Technology goes Stupid

Our lives are now run by a wide variety of microchips. Not just our computers, phones, and tablets either. Our cars, refrigerators, and other appliances. And, by the way, our airplanes – both commercial and military.  A company – Actel – makes the chips for much of this, including the 787 Dreamliner. So how is it that they are so stupid that they designed in a back door to the inner workings of the chips that could allow hackers to access and modify the chip functions?

Just as important is this. How is it possible that a UK news outlet is the one reporting the story, even when Actel is a US company, and the research into the flaw was discovered by US scientists?

There is more than one thing that is seriously wrong. Read the Guardian story here for the details.

The Amatuer, a Review

As you know, I am not a qualified book reviewer. My lens is way too small, and too conservative. That said, I read Ed Kleins book – The Amateur, and heartily recommend it.

It is not at all balanced. It is highly tilted toward the Jewish State, but it is a fair evaluation of Obama, his rise, tenure, and plans ahead.

It is also a forecast of the dire circumstances that could come with his re-election.

There is no link to this one. Go to Newsmax or Regenery Publishing for a good deal on the book.

We need some Clear Thinking

There is a whole bunch of writing about JP Morgan and what they did or didn’t do RE: Facebook. The administration is trying to make a case for even more regulation, even though the Frank-Dodd act of last year failed utterly to prevent this.

Why? It is a function of free markets that folks are free to mess up. They can guess wrong, and lose money. Or make money. That is what they do. and, oh by the way, that is the system that we have, and the system we can live with.

Except that obama wants to change it to total government control, we can’t live with that. It is called Socialism, or perhaps Communism.

For a free market view of the situation, the American Thinker article is here.

I am taking the rest of the weekend off’. Thanks for following this blog.