Gee Whiz 2 Acorns in one day

I can go for weeks on end without seeing anything from that is worthy of posting. Imagine my surprise when two articles appear on their site that piqued my interest enough to include them on my very first post to this very political blog.

The first of these is from the EEOC.  Yep, you guessed it.  Your government not at work, but about to drive more employers to more friendly climes.  Please read the Heritage article here

The second article that tripped my trigger wires was the article about the administration’s war on coal.  This is really not fair.  This administration has declared a war on energy of all kinds that are not favored.  The favored category features a bunch of sources that either don’t work at all, require huge subsidies, or are expensive to be a significant contributing force.  Or all three at the same time.  The second article from Heritage click to view

The theme is the same, regardless of the individual article content.  Government is your enemy, not your friend, unless you are on the dole.  Even there, it is still your enemy, but you are blind to it.


2 thoughts on “Gee Whiz 2 Acorns in one day

  1. Bruce says:

    Good job Roger.
    I guess one must leave their common sense at home to be a beauracrat in the big O’s administration.

    • occamsedge says:


      I have a whole article in mind, In my opinion, it doesn’t matter a whit between Republicans an Dems. They are the same in terms of maintaining power. Even the “tea party” freshmen.



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