Why Whoever wins makes no difference

There are no links to this one. It is mine, alone. And – I might be wrong. If I am, please comment.

You have heard all of the candidates for every elective office. You have also heard all of the pundits. What you have not heard is this. Nothing is going to change, unless you vote for Obama.

We have a group of elected (or appointed) officials that have a vested interest in the Status Quo. Why, you ask. That is where the power and the money reside. No matter who you elect, or what they said. They are drawn to both power and money.

The only state that I know of that has a legislature that does not follow this is Texas, where the legislature only meets once every two years, and then for only two months. They have only a little time to inflict damage on Texas.

My point? Almost everywhere else. especially Washington, being a member of the Ruling Political Class has become a full time job. Passing laws. Why? We have way more laws and regulations already than we need. In fact, we have so many that you are most likely a felon, for violating laws and regulations that you didn’t even know existed. I know that I am. Check it out.

These people – including our freshmen – learn quickly. The power is key, and the money for their next run follows. As long as we allow them to stay in their elected posts, without limits on the time they are there, they all become corrupt to one extent or another.
Unless we go back to the original intent – a part time congress – we are doomed. We will always have a ruling class that feels that its’ job is to create laws – not eliminate the useless ones.




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