Eric Holder doesn’t do it – Again

What the heck. You don’t do anything about Fast & Furious. In fact, you stonewall. obfuscate, and generally duck. Now, it comes to light that you did not live up to your prosecutiorial promises about wall street and the banks at your nomination.

Why? Your boss lives off of their donations. You are so corrupt that you are giving Chicago politics an even worse name than they previously had – which was never good.

Read the link here.


4 thoughts on “Eric Holder doesn’t do it – Again

  1. W says:


  2. Bruce says:

    Hard to get the attention it deserves when the mainstream press turns their head. The public impression is that conseravtive voices saying ‘what the hell?’ are overreacting.

  3. Nancy Baxter says:

    I do read your blog daily; I just didn’t want to waste your time letting you know. I suppose I need to tell you regularly now. After all, you say it so succinctly for me. Your mentee,
    Nancy B

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