The Climate Change Fight Blown Open

This is kind of a delicious moment for me. Almost like a steak and baked potato.

Joe Bastardi, who has been called every name in the book by the climate left, has now not only taken off the gloves, but has taken the fight into their own yard. A self described “Denier” he has been vilified. But, you should know that he is the guy that started the Weather Channel, and now runs a very successful private business forecasting medium to long term weather to businesses and local governments. He saw what was going to happen last winter, and this one as well. He may not be mainstream, but he is good.

Read what the fight is about, and what he has to say on WWUT here.


One thought on “The Climate Change Fight Blown Open

  1. W.C. Litzinger says:

    Roger please summerize what we are seeing here. C02 for dummies

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