Law Of the Sea Treaty

Once again, I have to apologize in advance for having two links attached to one post, but you will understand at the end.

First, just a little background. The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is a UN construct originally designed by the USSR and China to weaken the US strength by legal means. The latest version began in 1972, and found enough votes within the UN to move forward. (Go figure.) If you want a history, from a liberal perspective, Wikipedia has one. In 1982, President Reagan rejected the Treaty, as has every president since. No More. The Chosen One wants it ratified, as it will transfer US sovereignty to the UN, and advance his desire to a one world government.

Investors Business  Daily has some very good insights to this in a recent (5/8) article, which you can read here.

Heritage also has an article that highlights the reason that this is now moving forward after being moribund for all of these years: Trent Lott. He graduated from disgraced Senator to whore. Read that aspect here.

The point here is that we need to get out in front of this, not react to it when it may be too late. The time to call/write your Senators is now, not later. Tell them to reject the LOST treaty when it comes up for approval in the Senate. (For those of you in KY, don’t pester Rand Paul – He is already lined up against it. Do pester Mitch McConnell.) In Ohio, pester Rob Portman at 513-684-3265 or  (It is a link – just highlight and right click)   All of the pre-work we can do helps avert a disaster. (Don’t bother with Sherrod Brown – it is a waste of your time.)


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