Romney’s VP Pick – Why no Guts?

I listen to the talking heads, and read the web sites that say Romney should play it safe, and stay non-controversial with a safe VP Pick. A lot of them suggest Mitch Daniels, Rob Portman, or Chris Christie (who, in my opinion is no conservative). Why? They fear a VP candidate that could outshine the nominee. The most often mentioned name here is Sarah Palin, who single handedly revived the moribund McCain campaign of ’08. For a Palin friendly example of this thinking, read the Breitbart article here.

But the article does not even begin to address Mrs. Palin’s current draw. She continues to move electorates, just by endorsements and speeches. Three current examples can be seen in the article here. If she comes out to endorse Radtke over Allen in the Virginia primary, that one will move too – in her direction.

(Note within the second article: Freedomworks is not always on the right side of things,)

Disclosure, if you haven’t already guessed. I am a Palin fan. She has been bruised and battered, and is still fighting – and winning. I would rather have a strong winner than a milquetoast any day.

I just don’t get the antipathy toward her.


One thought on “Romney’s VP Pick – Why no Guts?

  1. Roger, no one likes being upstaged and she makes all the consultants and pundits look bad. Why pay them millions for their services and coddle their egos when a simple tweet from her can turn the tide for a candidate. Always follow the money, and the folks that like to sit on their laurels and collect paychecks will have to do actual work if she continues on.

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