“Alternative” Energy – AKA “GREEN”

For longtime followers of my Emails – life before blog – my aversion, antipathy – nay – downright hatred – of the environmental wackos, aka. “Green Nazis” is well known. They want us to regress to an Agrarian society.., circa 1850. Doubt that this is a true statement? I encourage you to follow the “Rio + 20” summit in June of this year. You will be appalled at what these folks think.

In the meantime, you can read about what they have already done in the US, and why it is failing. Summary: stupid ideas that could never work. For a more reasoned analysis from RightNetDaily, Read a much better article here.

At the same time, the market for renewable energy whatevers (allegedly products) is crashing down.  Too many failed companies that nursed off of the government teat are failing, despite an (over) abundance of loans from Dr. Stephen Chu, of the DOE (Energy).  Read the linked article to the end, please.  It includes (at the end) a list of both failed and failing companies that were funded by the DOE.  What if anything, were these people thinking?  Maybe the more pertinent question is “What were they smoking?”.  The WWUT article is here.


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