I am baffled

The link toward the end is from Breitbart News. Somehow it is news to them that the University of California is engaging in indoctrinating students in liberal ideology, rather than a base education.

Gee. Who’d have thunk it? It goes into the way back machine, where UC (Cincinnati, not California) forced a “Population, Resources, and Environment class on me in 1972. It continued when I was taking MBA courses at NKU in 1984. It was even more pronounced when my son was in undergrad Finance at NKU, graduating in 2006. But we were impervious. Why? Both of us were veterans, had seen life as it really is, and fought back against the liberal BS that was being purveyed.

And herein lies the real problem. Vets – or any number of people- that are grounded in the real world are in very short supply in the student body. The folks that are there have no basis to reject the “Progressive” (Socialist/Communist) dogma that they are being spoon fed on a daily basis.

Hence; the rather unsurprising from Breitbart – here.

I am just surprised that it was even necessary.


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