We need some Clear Thinking

There is a whole bunch of writing about JP Morgan and what they did or didn’t do RE: Facebook. The administration is trying to make a case for even more regulation, even though the Frank-Dodd act of last year failed utterly to prevent this.

Why? It is a function of free markets that folks are free to mess up. They can guess wrong, and lose money. Or make money. That is what they do. and, oh by the way, that is the system that we have, and the system we can live with.

Except that obama wants to change it to total government control, we can’t live with that. It is called Socialism, or perhaps Communism.

For a free market view of the situation, the American Thinker article is here.

I am taking the rest of the weekend off’. Thanks for following this blog.


One thought on “We need some Clear Thinking

  1. The primary theme I’m seeing is that Gov’t now believes that no one should fail unless they decide, such as the fossil fuel companies. That’s why they throw money at the auto industry, green energy, education, etc. and fudge any data that shows failure. Given GM huge tax breaks so they can show a profit, versus losing money. Subsidize green energy, even though it’s still not ready for prime time. Keep creating new standards of educational achievement, they start over when 80% of the schools can’t meet them. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton still has a reset button lying around for them to use. That’s why the billionaires are so hated, because they haven’t failed and must have stolen the money from the failed industries because it cannot be the policies they created or support that rewards failures and inefficiencies.

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