American Sovereignty

We, for the most part, take it for granted that America is a sovereign nation, right? Well, maybe not so much anymore. The initial assault on our sovereignty was sown about a hundred years ago by Woodrow Wilson, with the (thankfully failed) League of Nations. It was renewed shortly after WWII, with the creation of the UN, whose purpose has “evolved” over the years, and now is focused on taking away sovereignty not only from America, but from all nation states, and concentrating power within a one world government – headed within the UN.

This is not new, but it is a growing force that needs to be reckoned with. The most recent three examples that are troubling are:

1) The UN “Small Arms” Treaty. This has been around for a while, and has never gained a lot of traction, as it would put small arms trade – and gun ownership under the direct control of the UN, not the US. The difference now is that Hillary Clinton is pushing it, and it may, in fact, come up for ratification in the lame duck.

2) The Law of the Sea Treaty. This has also been around for a long time, and has been rejected by every president from Reagan on. In this case, our total sovereignty would be transferred to a UN Commission based in Jamaica. This president, backed by John Kerry and Trent Lott, are in favor. (See prior posts on LOST.)  Again,the goal is to bring it up for ratification in the looming lame duck.

3) Rio +20. This is a UN Conference in Rio de Janerio, Brazil that officially starts Friday, 6/22. But there are about 30,000 people that have been there writing the “draft” for a couple of weeks. This was ostensibly to update Kyoto (never adopted by the US), but it morphed into something completely different. The global warming crap is essentially gone. The 600 page “draft” is all about establishing a new UN based government, with the power to tax “rich” countries (us), and redistribute the ill gotten gains to “poor” countries. It is more importantly about scaling back our ability to live as we choose, and moving backward toward a more agrarian lifestyle for everyone on the planet.

This is Thomas Malthus revisited – along with a big dose of Paul Ehrlich,,who is there.  These ideas have failed again and again, but refuse to die.

Unfortunately, the US representatives that are there are all for it.  (See;, and climate for more.)

God help us.  It is clear that the administration not only won’t, but is actively trying to push us over the edge into a UN based one world government – formerly known as Communism.

Roger Baxter



Fast & Furious. What are they thinking?

I am a bit amazed at the thinking – or lack thereof – on the actions of the administration today. We move from stonewalling by Holder to a claim of “Executive Privilege” by Obama? All for the documents that relate to a failed ATF operation in Phoenix. AZ?

Seems that the administration has something to hide at the highest level.  This ploy did not work for Nixon, and it is unlikely to work here, either. The problem is that it will go to the court(s) for resolution, and that will take a lot of time. To my simple mind, this is most likely a “buy time” strategy to get past the November Elections.

For a reasoned legal analysis, read the Heritage article here. I am not a lawyer, so I cannot reasonably comment, but Heritage does.

One more reason to throw them out in November.

Roger Baxter

Doing This to Ourselves?

This is serious, if true. And I have no reason to believe that it is not, as it was reported in more than one place. Leon Panetta as the leaker? Apparently so. The implications are almost horrendous for both the middle east and America. Trust? Gone. Peace? Gone, along with the hope of any.

The implications for Israel? Horrendous. This is the ultimate desertion of an ally (or maybe former ally). What a travesty. Read the Breitbart article here.

Another reason that in November, this crop of socialists has to go away. Far, far away.

Roger Baxter

Asaian Longhon Beetle

I am going a bit far afield with this post today, but there is a travesty of justice being inflicted ion the citizens of Clermont County, Ohio by the USDA. By way of background, we have an infestation of the Asian Longhorn Beetle in an area in our county. The USDA was responsible for it, and, ironically, is responsible for its’ eradication.

Here is a link that adequately describes the situation.

From the link, there is another link to send a letter to the USDA to register your objections.  Here is what I sent:

Dear Sir,
I just finished reading all 79 pages of your assessment of the Asian Longhorn Beetle situation in Bethel/Tate/Monroe in Clermont County, Ohio. It was somewhat obtuse, and designed to promote one vision – yours.
Being a man of few words, I would like to cut to the chase immediately.
It was the responsibility of the USDA to inspect all foreign shipments to prevent the importation of the ALB (and other harmful pests). Obviously, you failed – rather miserably, judging by the number of infestations cited in your report.
Now, you want the citizens of Clermont County, Ohio, to support your alternative, which is to clear cut all “host” trees within 1/2 mile of any identified infected area. Regardless of the impact on water quality, wildlife, or the quality of life of the residents. For your shortcomings? And you want to do this to help your crony companies make money off of the ground trees – for mulch or for paper mill feedstock? With no compensation for landowners that have maintained these forests? And, what will be left of East Fork State Park? A mere shell of its’ former self, along with a highly occluded reservoir.
It seems to me that Option “C” would be the preferred alternative. It maintains the maximum number of un-infested host trees, maintains environmental quality, and supports wildlife. Yes, it costs more money. But, since it was your fault in the first place, it should be your responsibility to assure that the least intrusive and destructive option is chosen.
Since it is also your responsibility to oversee the farm bill, I am sure that you can find the money there.
For once, your bureaucracy needs to do the right thing rather than the most expedient thing for you.
Roger Baxter

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Batavia, OH 45103

GREEN? run

Ever notice that any time you see “green” associated with anything, it is probably the wrong thing to do? Think green energy, and all of the subsidies that are connected to that.

Now, full disclosure. I am a voting member of the ICC (International Code Council) that promulgated these rules, over my rather vociferous objections. Regardless, the greenies have managed to insert a number of rather ridiculous standards into building codes, even for government buildings. And the Congress is finally starting to take note of it. Read the Breitbart article here.

This is just a small slice, of course. The Green agenda has infected everything. We only have time from now until November to rectify the situation, and I am not just focused on Romney. The house and the Senate (especially) are equally, if not more, important.

Work for your candidates, and vote.

Roger Baxter

Taxmageddon – Coming to you

You have undoubtedly heard of “taxmageddon”, which is about to hit you, and all other Americans on January, 2013, unless something is done. The bad news is that it is becoming ever less likely that anything will be done before it hits. Even if the Republicans sweep the elections (for which we can only hope – and work like crazy) they can’t stop it until after they are sworn in after the election, write the laws and get them passed. Which will take awhile while we suffer.

What you probably don’t know is the extent of the tax effects, which extend far beyond the mere expiration of the “Bush Tax Cuts”. Far beyond. You can find all of the particulars in the Heritage article here. There are several useful links within the article that you will also probably enjoy.

Roger Baxter

Two Un Treaties to Fear

I try not to be too alarmist, but there are two UN treaties that have been rejected by more sober administrations that are now being embraced by the Obama bunch.

The first is the UN “Small Arms Treaty”, which is being pushed by Hillary Clinton. If it ever passed through the Senate, your second amendment rights would be quickly eroded, and eventually eliminated. Fortunately, this one is a bit down the line.

The second is the “Law of The Sea” treaty (LOST). Yes, I know that I am like a broken record on this, and no, like a good Pit Bull, I am not about to let go. If this piece of work were to be approved, the US would become subservient to an international – UN – governing body, based in Jamaica, that would pass regulations on us. And, tax us.

In short, we would forego American Sovereignty, and become a subset of the freaking UN. This one is being pushed hard be the Obummer administration, and is being aided an abetted by Trent Lott, among many others. What could be worse?

Read the article from Heritage here  for more detail. And contact your Senators. Now, and often. (Portman – 513-684-3265 for a live person.)

Roger Baxter