Limited Government? Think not.

We believe in constitutionally limited government. The current structure does not. And, I am not even talking about the various offices and agencies that Congress has authorized (extra-constitutional or not).

For purposes of this post, I am talking about the plethora of regulations that now govern our lives, issued by nameless bureaucrats that are answerable to no one – not even the Congress. The cost of these regulations is horrendous. The linked article says $1.04 TRILLION per year. Other sources, such as Heritage, say $1.75 T, which is roughly equal to entitlement spending.  Regardless, it is ridiculous. More importantly, the scope of the regulations is so large that you and I are undoubtedly in violation of any number of these in our personal and business lives, merely because there are so many that we cannot possibly know them all.  And some of them carry criminal penalties.

For a better perspective, read the American Spectator article here.

We have one last chance to begin to reverse this. November is that important.

Roger Baxter


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