Welome to the Dark Side

We know that Rio + 20 is coming up starting June 22, under the “sustainability” (read: Agenda 21) theme. This is pretty close to the last gasp for this, as most folks have relegated the UN to the category of most unfavored organizations, and Global warming to the category of folklore (and BS).

Regardless, you knew that there would be stories of catastrophe if Rio + 20 is not enacted, and that impending doom awaits. Well, they are starting, and you need to know what the dark side thinks, and indeed. believes. Not at all pretty

The first link is from the Chronicle of Higher Education (go figure), and even includes a quote from Paul Ehrlich. who has been beating the exact same drum since 1968. Read it here.

The second link is from the San Fransisco Chronicle, which references a different article in Nature. Similar to the first. Read it here.

You need to know what these folks are thinking and writing.

Roger Baxter


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