I want to go out of the usual order on this Post. Heritage had an article that struck a chord with me today, and caused me to think. Go ahead, read it here, and see if it strikes you too. I will wait for you to get back.

Back? While John Wayne wouldn’t have been my first example, it is the anniversary of his death. And the article sets the tone very well. I remember growing up that all of the popular heroes were individualists that did great (or maybe just good) things of their own initiative. Explorers, Generals, Inventors, Businessmen, and more. We were taught in school that your future would be dependent on your own, individual initiative and self reliance. And, at the time, that was largely true.

So how the hell did individual initiative become subsumed by the nanny state, and collectivism? Because government wants it that way. The politicians, bureaucrats, (alleged) educators, and all of the government functionaries want a subservient public. The last thing in the world they want is a population of individualists – rugged or otherwise – that can’t be managed. They sure do not want Mr. Smith going to Washington to shake things up.

Your comments are welcome.

Roger Baxter


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