Why are we here?

No links. This one is mine, alone.

You have read this site since the begging of May, and by now know that I am a conservative, bordering on reactionary. My question to all of you is “how in heaven’s name did we get here”? We are nearing, if not in socialist Hell. Individual freedom is disappearing, as is the concept of individualism. The question is why?

The answer goes back to Woodrow Wilson, who first tried to foist “progressiveism” on America. This was furthered by the New Deal, but fell into disrepute with WW II. But it is back, with a vengeance.

In truth, it never went away, it just went under cover. The institution(s) of higher education (and lower education) have been a bastion of progressives since the time of Wilson and Roosevelt. And they have been chipping away at our founding ever since.

History – meaning real history – never mind. Writing? Likewise. The Pledge and a prayer? Not a prayer. Why? The progressives want to erase both history and the Christian religion from schools to teach the PC doctrine that serves as the liberal theology of today.

Now, your government is additionally foisting ideas on the public that are patently false. Green Energy? Not possible either scientifically or economically. Global Climate change? Thoroughly debunked. High Speed Rail? To where, from where, and who cares anyway?

Good grief, people. We only have one chance left. November is coming, and we MUST win.


Roger Baxter


One thought on “Why are we here?

  1. Cal says:

    We will likely kick some pregressive butt in November. The fact that Obama was in a redical group called “New Party,and a registered member at that, should have been front page news.

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