Rio +20. Another warning.

This topic has been here before, but in a different context. Rio +20 starts at the end of the month (June 22). For those of you not familiar with it, it is a UN sponsored climate conference, similar to the one that gave us the Kyoto treaty on greenhouse gasses, that the US Never signed, thank goodness.

This one is Kyoto on steroids. It is not just about climate change. It is focused on “sustainable” life, which is code for UN agenda 21. The end result of which would be a UN managed one world government that takes from us, and redistributes to the “developing” countries. The difference between then and now is that Obama and co. are all for it, whereas, in prior times, cooler heads prevailed.

Here is an article from Cfact, which has a draft of the proposed items. At least those that have made it so far.

I also had an article from CNN teed up about how the world needs to “invest” $36 TRILLION  (Yes, $T) in “green energy” over the next 10 years to reduce our carbon, but I could not bring myself to send it. It makes no sense, at at over $5,400 for every person on earth, assuming a population of 6.8 billion. If you want to make yourself sick, it can be found on

Roger Baxter


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