Two Un Treaties to Fear

I try not to be too alarmist, but there are two UN treaties that have been rejected by more sober administrations that are now being embraced by the Obama bunch.

The first is the UN “Small Arms Treaty”, which is being pushed by Hillary Clinton. If it ever passed through the Senate, your second amendment rights would be quickly eroded, and eventually eliminated. Fortunately, this one is a bit down the line.

The second is the “Law of The Sea” treaty (LOST). Yes, I know that I am like a broken record on this, and no, like a good Pit Bull, I am not about to let go. If this piece of work were to be approved, the US would become subservient to an international – UN – governing body, based in Jamaica, that would pass regulations on us. And, tax us.

In short, we would forego American Sovereignty, and become a subset of the freaking UN. This one is being pushed hard be the Obummer administration, and is being aided an abetted by Trent Lott, among many others. What could be worse?

Read the article from Heritage here  for more detail. And contact your Senators. Now, and often. (Portman – 513-684-3265 for a live person.)

Roger Baxter


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