Asaian Longhon Beetle

I am going a bit far afield with this post today, but there is a travesty of justice being inflicted ion the citizens of Clermont County, Ohio by the USDA. By way of background, we have an infestation of the Asian Longhorn Beetle in an area in our county. The USDA was responsible for it, and, ironically, is responsible for its’ eradication.

Here is a link that adequately describes the situation.

From the link, there is another link to send a letter to the USDA to register your objections.  Here is what I sent:

Dear Sir,
I just finished reading all 79 pages of your assessment of the Asian Longhorn Beetle situation in Bethel/Tate/Monroe in Clermont County, Ohio. It was somewhat obtuse, and designed to promote one vision – yours.
Being a man of few words, I would like to cut to the chase immediately.
It was the responsibility of the USDA to inspect all foreign shipments to prevent the importation of the ALB (and other harmful pests). Obviously, you failed – rather miserably, judging by the number of infestations cited in your report.
Now, you want the citizens of Clermont County, Ohio, to support your alternative, which is to clear cut all “host” trees within 1/2 mile of any identified infected area. Regardless of the impact on water quality, wildlife, or the quality of life of the residents. For your shortcomings? And you want to do this to help your crony companies make money off of the ground trees – for mulch or for paper mill feedstock? With no compensation for landowners that have maintained these forests? And, what will be left of East Fork State Park? A mere shell of its’ former self, along with a highly occluded reservoir.
It seems to me that Option “C” would be the preferred alternative. It maintains the maximum number of un-infested host trees, maintains environmental quality, and supports wildlife. Yes, it costs more money. But, since it was your fault in the first place, it should be your responsibility to assure that the least intrusive and destructive option is chosen.
Since it is also your responsibility to oversee the farm bill, I am sure that you can find the money there.
For once, your bureaucracy needs to do the right thing rather than the most expedient thing for you.
Roger Baxter

RB Enterprises Co
2218 Trappers Knoll
Batavia, OH 45103


7 thoughts on “Asaian Longhon Beetle

  1. Bettyann Marx says:

    Thank you Mr. Baxter. Your time, comments, and concern are greatly appreciated.

  2. Bill Skvarla says:

    Hi Roger. I had checked for the last few days for your blog response. Thank you for following up as promised.
    Bill Skvarla, Team Coordinator
    Bethel ALB Citizens Cooperative

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.
    Margaret Mead

  3. thanks for speaking out

  4. Thank you for stating so succinctly what many of us in Bethel feel.

  5. Donna Gunn says:

    Thank you Mr. Baxter. The citizens in the affected areas are grateful for your efforts to help us keep our healthy trees.

  6. kim frey says:

    Yes..Thank you..will add more later …but we need to save the trees and our sanity…the envoronmental impact is number 1.

  7. Kathy Freudenberger says:

    Thanks you!

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