Fast & Furious. What are they thinking?

I am a bit amazed at the thinking – or lack thereof – on the actions of the administration today. We move from stonewalling by Holder to a claim of “Executive Privilege” by Obama? All for the documents that relate to a failed ATF operation in Phoenix. AZ?

Seems that the administration has something to hide at the highest level.  This ploy did not work for Nixon, and it is unlikely to work here, either. The problem is that it will go to the court(s) for resolution, and that will take a lot of time. To my simple mind, this is most likely a “buy time” strategy to get past the November Elections.

For a reasoned legal analysis, read the Heritage article here. I am not a lawyer, so I cannot reasonably comment, but Heritage does.

One more reason to throw them out in November.

Roger Baxter


3 thoughts on “Fast & Furious. What are they thinking?

  1. If you read Rush’s opening monologue today, it really puts the screws to anything they claim as reality. If it was Bush’s fault, they would have produced docs already. If Justice didn’t lie, where is the proof that they didn’t know? If Obama and Co weren’t involved, then why executive priveledge? Their only out is to lose the election and hope that it miraculously goes away when they do.

    • occamsedge says:

      I heard Rush, and have read any number of posts. I just wanted to post my own take, and a reasonable article (from a legal perspective) from Heritage.

      let us see.

  2. Greg Stroup says:

    I was telling people about this at least 6 months before it hit the MSN. I know people in the SW area that are ahead of the news curve. The problem is, even now after more information has come out, the news media still does not cover the story in the real context of what actually happened. I was listening to NPR the other day and the take away message was that we need greater gun control laws, not that the gubmint screwed up the operation. No mention of the gubmint giving gunshops the go ahead for the straw buys, no mention of just how inept the gubmint was in handling the operation. Just more gun control laws and how the republicans were wrong in the contempt vote. The MSN is truly brain dead and controlled by a liberal agenda in America.

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