Dream Act, or Nightmare?

Well, he did it, by executive fiat. The “Dream Act” is now operational, despite being not approved by congress. But the results? Not at all pretty. We have far too many committing far too many crimes of all sorts. To what end, except maybe more potential democrat voters?

Excuse me, but the civil society requires some preservation. This administration does not provide it, Read the Breitbart article here.


AGW – Temperature data falsified

I am truly in my comfort zone with this post.

Anthony Wattts (Watts Up With That), along with Steven McIntyre. Evan Jones, and John Christy – all respected Scientists and/or Meteorologists have prepared a paper that absolutely demolishes Richard Mueller and his “BEST” study. It points to anti-ethical if not fraudulent adjustments to the surface temperature, by a lot of people, including NOAA. It also points to a pattern of reporting that is made to maximize their AGW views, even before the “adjustments”. (Complete disclosure: I was a bit player on the surface stations project.

The link from WATTSUPWITHTHAT.com is a bit long, and rather scientific in nature, but well worth your while. You can read it here.

For shorter versions, go to http://www.climatedepot.com, where the entire first page is devoted to summaries of the paper, which was only released in draft form, pending peer review.

Editorial note: It is unlikely that you will ever see an article about this in the MSM. Anything that debunks “Climate Change” is antithetical to their agenda. As is the case with all things socialist in nature, the objective of the left is CONTROL. Your life, Your energy, your cars, your diet. In short, you. Think about that.

Not So Fast – Small Arms Treaty


There was news last night that the UN failed to pass the ATT (small arms treaty). This was welcome news, of course. Today the NRA put out the weekly newsletter pronouncing it a dead issue, and taking credit for the failure. (Go figure.)

Well, not so fast, friends. Reuters has a much different story, as does Fox News. The ATT may be disabled, but it is only on hold for now. The link to the Fox News report is here. I picked it because it was the most comprehensive, and it is not Reuters.


Cybersecurity Bill

Yes, there is a bill about “Cyber-security” floating about in the Senate, and yes, it is moving toward a vote. Can any of you imagine a worse idea than having a new bureau of brain dead bureaucrats managing “cyber” anything, let alone security on the web? We need the agile companies that are involved today, plus a host of new ventures to discover the threats, find ways to eliminate them, and move on to the next threat. This requires agility, and innovative thinking. Which is exactly the opposite of the government bureaucracy that is being proposed.

But wait, it gets even worse. Now the Dems are trying to attach a gun control measure to the bill. See the article from the Hill, here.

Take a bad bill, make it worse. But the really bad part is that it has broad support. Tell YOUR Senator to vote against this POS. (Mine is Rob Portman at 513-684-3265).

These people must go away in November.

Voter Fraud



This article has appeared in a number of news sites today, but Big Government has the simplest, easy to read version.  A left leaning group has been sending out voter applications to deceased persons, children, and even family pets, according to news reports.

The Romney campaign has filed objections with the VA state attorney general.  As of this writing, there has been no definitive action, or even a decision to proceed.

The Big Government article is here.

Dodd – Frank, another bill that requires repeal

The Dodd-Frank finance bill is yet another bill that hangs the grim specter of death over the economy, and needs to be repealed. I published an article in the Clermont Patriot yesterday about one aspect of this bill. A regulation that is over 1,900 pages long.

This article covers the entirety of this evil bill in a more topical form, hitting all of the major provisions. In it, Redstate makes the case for repeal quite well. But it does not address one fundamental issue. The bill was over 2,300 pages long, which means it was written by lobbyists, not legislators. (None of them are either that bright, and certainly not that dedicated.) It also means that none of them actually read it.

Read the Redstate article here. And, think about this bill in terms of your vote in November.

UN ATT (Small Arms Treaty) Update 3

The actual final text and Votes on the ATT come on 7/28. But, the draft language has been updated, and it is not good.

Heritage has taken a look, and provided an update. Perhaps more alarming than the proposed treaty language itself is the observation by Heritage that the US is hell bent on getting a treaty – any treaty. As you have come to expect from the Socialits in the administration, US sovereignty is being given away to the UN. Read the ugly article here.

By the end of the week, or before, we need to start riding our Senators like circus ponies to insure that this treaty is rejected, And, by the way, think back on this in November. Good Grief.


Roger Baxter