The Supreme Court and the “News”

I am still flabbergasted. John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the court abrogated his responsibilities, and voted to upend the Constitution. The reasoning was tortured, at best. But many of the scribes – even on conservative sites – are trying to put a positive spin on it. Why??

There is nothing positive in this, except that it may help to fire the conservative base up – as if we needed an additional impetus.

Our problem now is the election in November. We have to hold our noses, fight for and elect Mitt (rhymes with sh@@) Romney and the Senate candidates such as Josh Mandel. Only then do we have a chance of actually repealing the abomination known as “Obamacare”. We may not like it a whole lot, but we are the last line of defense, and we must get out there and lead. Work hard, organize your precincts, suck it up and go.

It all depends on you now.

Roger Baxter


One thought on “The Supreme Court and the “News”

  1. WC says:

    Sucked up! Ready to go! Amen

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