Another nick to freedom, courtesy cronyism

Yesterday was a bad day for freedom. Tucked away in the inaptly named “Transportation Bill” was a tiny amendment by Max Bachus that ended an otherwise legal industry – Roll Your Own. I no longer smoke, but I am rather passionate about protecting the rights of those who do to engage in a perfectly legal (if flawed) activity on their own volition. I am also passionate about protecting the rights of the people participating in a free market to do their businesses. In this case The Crony company is Alitra, (Phillip Morris), that engineered the amendment. The full story – short – can be read here.

There is another point to be made. The Republicans were complicit in this.  Today (Sat.), Erick Ericson of Red State made what I think is a major, major point about the actions of our elected Republicans in this, and other cases.  It ain’t good.  Read the article here.

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Roger Baxter


2 thoughts on “Another nick to freedom, courtesy cronyism

  1. Karen says:

    For crying out loud! If people want to roll, let them roll! More of our government destroying middle class businesses, that’s all! What bothers me more is how SNEAKY it was to hide this in a Federal Transportation Bill! Also reminiscent of “1984” .

  2. Bruce says:

    The very idea of the Federal government dictating the life and death of local businesses is astonishing and disgusting. The arrogance and stealth this was dealt with is completely devoid of any sense of ethics. Our Federal government is completely disconnected with reality and self control. Power in the hands of the corrupt of character is almost universally disastrous. This is beyond words.

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