Unemployment, Expanded

We all read that the U3 unemployment rate was static at 8.2% for June, despite a rather abysmal 80K jobs being added. (Population growth was about 150K.)

What you probably did not see was that the workforce shrunk by 85K by the number of new people entering SSI disability. This number now stands at a total of 8.3 M folks (not covered in the link, but generally available – just search.)

This is another warning sign that we have become a dependency nation, not a self reliant nation. We need to wake up. Read the article here.

I know that I sound like a broken record – for those of you that still remember them – but this is going to be a trans-formative election. Help your friends get out to vote.


One thought on “Unemployment, Expanded

  1. Dr. Ginkgo says:

    The unemployment % is as you have posted, but how about the recent jobs number. Try factoring in the birth/death rate and see how the numbers are massaged. Too hard of a concept for the incompetent media to understand.

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