The Small Arms Treaty, Updated

The UN Small Arms Treaty negotiations seems to have left the radar over the last week, but it is still an ongoing set of negotiations. In MY opinion, it is a waste of time, and money. But it is instructive on a couple of fronts.

I was a bit taken aback by the two reports that were published on Heritage today, because they are so vastly different. I happen to agree with this version, which you can read here.

The other article was much more “subtle and nuanced” which is code for liberal. You can read this one here. I vehemently disagree with darned near everything in this version, particularly with the assertion that the US “must” remain in the UN, or they will cause even more mischief without us. NOT at all true. Without the US, the UN would A) go broke and B) disintegrate into warring factions.

Note: Heritage is Very sensitive about comments about this particular version of the article. I only suggested that the writer was anti-American, and should be fired, and my comment was rejected.



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