Cybersecurity Bill

Yes, there is a bill about “Cyber-security” floating about in the Senate, and yes, it is moving toward a vote. Can any of you imagine a worse idea than having a new bureau of brain dead bureaucrats managing “cyber” anything, let alone security on the web? We need the agile companies that are involved today, plus a host of new ventures to discover the threats, find ways to eliminate them, and move on to the next threat. This requires agility, and innovative thinking. Which is exactly the opposite of the government bureaucracy that is being proposed.

But wait, it gets even worse. Now the Dems are trying to attach a gun control measure to the bill. See the article from the Hill, here.

Take a bad bill, make it worse. But the really bad part is that it has broad support. Tell YOUR Senator to vote against this POS. (Mine is Rob Portman at 513-684-3265).

These people must go away in November.


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