Not So Fast – Small Arms Treaty


There was news last night that the UN failed to pass the ATT (small arms treaty). This was welcome news, of course. Today the NRA put out the weekly newsletter pronouncing it a dead issue, and taking credit for the failure. (Go figure.)

Well, not so fast, friends. Reuters has a much different story, as does Fox News. The ATT may be disabled, but it is only on hold for now. The link to the Fox News report is here. I picked it because it was the most comprehensive, and it is not Reuters.



3 thoughts on “Not So Fast – Small Arms Treaty

  1. Bruce says:

    The NRA ILA feels the same way you do about this issue and the looming end-run that they, Obama’s radicals, will try to make. However, a little celebration over a battle well fought was in order because the odds certainly did not look favorable to our 2nd amendment.
    This is a never ending marathon with these anti-constitutionalists. I don’t think that there is a single member of the NRA that really believes, for a second that this can be put to bed now.
    Just like the Tea Party efforts and the NFIB and every other constitutional conservative and libertarian group out there know what the term ‘progressive’ truly means.
    Hang in there my friend! The war for liberty goes on!

  2. Roger Baxter says:


    I did not mean to say that it was neither a valiant effort or a temporary victory.

    The problem is, as described in the original post, it is not exactly put to bed. These folks never rest. The Point of the Fox News article was that this will be coming back in the next plenary session. And the next, and the next.

    Like you, I am a member of the NRA. and while I agree with them most of the time, I do not all of the time.


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