AGW – Temperature data falsified

I am truly in my comfort zone with this post.

Anthony Wattts (Watts Up With That), along with Steven McIntyre. Evan Jones, and John Christy – all respected Scientists and/or Meteorologists have prepared a paper that absolutely demolishes Richard Mueller and his “BEST” study. It points to anti-ethical if not fraudulent adjustments to the surface temperature, by a lot of people, including NOAA. It also points to a pattern of reporting that is made to maximize their AGW views, even before the “adjustments”. (Complete disclosure: I was a bit player on the surface stations project.

The link from is a bit long, and rather scientific in nature, but well worth your while. You can read it here.

For shorter versions, go to, where the entire first page is devoted to summaries of the paper, which was only released in draft form, pending peer review.

Editorial note: It is unlikely that you will ever see an article about this in the MSM. Anything that debunks “Climate Change” is antithetical to their agenda. As is the case with all things socialist in nature, the objective of the left is CONTROL. Your life, Your energy, your cars, your diet. In short, you. Think about that.


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