The Most Toxic Mix

Here we go again. An Executive Order from Obama mandating a “Public Private ” partnership for energy mandates on manufacturing plants. What could possibly go wrong?

There are two linked articles.

The first is from Freedom Outpost and you can read it here.

The Second is from Heritage.  It is shorter, but a bit less focused.  Read it here.

What the heck is the administration thinking, if anything?


Entered Goerge Orwell’s Nightmare

This has been an interesting couple of days, to say the least. The RNC convention is in full swing, and the media have been doing everything in their power to twist it into anything other that what it is – a celebration. First, they did not cover any of the minority speakers, including the dynamite speech by Mia Love. (You can find it om YouTube or at the RNC.) Then, they claimed that the RNC is only trying to place a “brown” face on a Lilly white party. (L.A. Times.)

Then today, they came out in full throat claiming distortions and lies in Ryan’s speech last night. There were none.

I have borrowed a term from Judson Phillips (with permission). This is no longer the “Media”. It has become the “Pravda Media”. For those of you too young to remember (and you certainly did not get this in school), Pravda was the publishing arm of the Communist Party in the former USSR. That is what our media has become. It is now the publicity agent of the Democrat party and CP USA, which is essentially the same thing.

There are two articles to explain and elaborate.

The first is from Human Events, which you can read here.

The second is from Breitbart, which is a bit more pointed. Read it here.

Both are worth a few minutes of your time. Otherwise, I would not have linked to them.

Behind “You Didn’t Build That”




The unscripted comment by Obama that “you didn’t build that” turns out to have a background. Not to mention a long history, dating back to Teddy Roosevelt. (Yes, way, way back) But it has been a consistent theme of the “progressives” and Communists (no real distinction) ever since.

Heritage had a nice article on it today, which you can read here.

It is now fairly sweet that the Republicans have chosen a theme of “we did build this” for the convention.

The Diminished Future

This post touches on all of the thoughts that are seen on the top of the page: life, Science, and Politics. It comes from an unconventional source for such a broad ranging post, namely WWUT.

The death of Steve Jobs and Niel Armstrong have caused a lot of people to think about the past, ruminate about the present, and consider  the implications for the future.

I have seen a number of articles in this vein, but none has driven it home as clearly and succinctly as the WWUT article, which you can read here.

The Next Climate Change Fight

There is an upcoming series of events that should prove to be very interesting, and perhaps even amusing on the “Climate Change” front. NRO publishes an opinion piece by Mark Steyn that called the climate models used by Mann, et. al. fraudulent.

Mike Mann blew his lid, and has promised a lawsuit. Investors Business Daily has reported on the dust-up, here.

The problem for Mann & co., is that once he files suit, the NRO is entitled to full discovery. That means that every detail that he has tried to hide will become a public record. You can bet that Rich Lowry, and the National Review staff will have an absolute ball with this. Stay tuned.

The Human Side of the War on Coal

Up until now, I hadn’t though a great deal about coal mining. I did not realize the complexities of this rather ancient endeavor. I only dimly realized the intricacies of coal fired electrical power plants.

And I certainly did not think much about the human dimensions. Until now. Human Events published an excellent article on these topics today that served as an eye opener. You can (and should) read it here.

Payback, Maybe


Hello. Now some brave souls in the DHS have filed suit about the rules that the administration have issued about the enforcement of immigration laws. Confused by this? DHS now also encompasses ICE and a plethora of other agencies. So all of the agencies that you knew now fall under the auspices of DHS. (go ahead and shudder.)

Regardless. Some brave souls have stepped forward and filed suit against the agency for requiring them to violate the existing laws that mandate extradition for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Excuse me, but why do they need to file suit?

Read the Newsmax article here for more.