Well let’s see. I will be 65 next year, and, according to the rules of the retirement health plan that we have, I must sign up for Medicare A, B, and D to get their residual benefits. No problem – except that Obamacare is gutting Medicare to the tune of $716 Billion. (You read that right.) So, you might ask, what will this mean to me? Well, Heritage published an article today about what it will mean to the medical community. It has all of the detailed cuts in tabular form displayed. Read the Heritage article here.

So, what is left? Answer – not much. You may have the “insurance”, but what the hell good is that if you can’t get care – at any level? There is no such thing as a doctor (or anybody else) that will provide services at a price that is below the cost of doing business. Except in Communist countries, and we all know how that has worked out.

Perhaps it is time to seriously think about expatriating. Uruguay, Panama, Belize, and, especially Costa Rica have become beacons for “Medical Tourism”. High quality care at a low cost, thanks to little to no Government interference. Look it up on the Web.  There are plenty of articles and resources.


2 thoughts on “Medicare??

  1. Brian says:

    Perhaps it should be renamed “Medicoverage” since there will be little to no “care” in it anymore…

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