A Greek Tragedy View

I found the attached article from RedState to be two things:
1) It is a dark and foreboding picture of the Obama administration to date as a redux of a Greek Tragedy – for those of you that studied these things.
2) A rather stark warning about the future, which will sound eerily familiar to regular readers of this blog and my other posts.

As in all Greek tragedies, the truth was foretold, but ignored. Unlike most Greek tragedies, the end result is still in doubt. But, you must act. Remaining a passive observer won’t get it done.

Read the Red State article here.

Don’t know how to get active, and be a part of the solution? Reply/comment at this site. Contact me at roger.baxter@fuse.net. Go to http://www.Clermontteaparty.org. We can help.


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