Romney Needs a New Word


Romney is under a serial assault from the Obama campaign, and most of the attack points and ads are lies. Really serious lies. The Romney campaign does not seem to be up to the task of dealing with this. Why? He is too polite and erudite. He needs to learn a new word, and use it frequently. The word is “BULLSHIT”. It needs to be used early and often in the course of the Obama attacks. Because it is needed. Read the Breitbart article here for more – much more.


One thought on “Romney Needs a New Word

  1. Bruce says:

    There is no surprise that Obama is gaining on Mr. Romney. He is constantly falling prey to defending all of these allegations, true or not. The disappointing part is that Romney is offering ‘nothing’ in the way of solutions or positions that everyone can get behind, particularly women.Loyal ‘white guys’ will not win this by themselves. For the first time I am truly worried about the chances to defeat the Obamaloney regardless of his lack of results or obvious lack of leadership or executive ability. The words, ‘I didn’t do that’……it is not truthful, ‘I didn’t say that’……….it is not truthful, ‘That is not my plan’………..they didn’t read my 59 point plan………….Seriously? Mr. Romney had better get his ‘big boy pants’ on and get out ahead of these, so the other guys have to explain why ‘more of the same’ is not working and there are real solutions. This is a very sad state of affairs.How about what he is going to do!

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