What is the GOP Establishment Thinking?

There was a post on the Clermont Tea Party site today that took the GOP to task about their stance on Paul Ryan. This post is meant to both amplify, and, perhaps explain the antipathy that the upper crust of the GOP feels toward Paul Ryan.

The whole thing can be summed up as an ego battle that only hurts the Republican brand. Shame on them. We have the best opportunity in several years to make the election a battle of ideas and visions, and the ruling class can’t see beyond their noses.

Read the Red State article here. There is a truncated version also available on Human Events, but this one is more complete.

They answer to the question in the title? They are not thinking – at all. They are “feeling”, just like the Democrats. After all, this is the Karl Rove/Dick Morris wing of the party – which will switch sides at will.



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