True Unemployment

We dance around the “unemployment” number all of the time. Is the U3 number or the U6 number the right one (BLS data)? Answer. Neither. Both are distorted in favor of government, as bad as they are.

Red State had a really good summary today, which I will share here.

Think about it. You are being lied to. November is coming. Get off of the couch and help.


The Definition of Insanity

Let’s see. It didn’t work the first time, nor the second And,in some cases, the third. But the administration keeps going back to the same set of dry wells Think about it. Stimulus 1, Stimulus 2, QE 1 and 2, and now QE3.

But that is not the current topic. It is the Government loans to solar energy companies that promise Unicorns, but just can’t seem to deliver anything but bankruptcy. And, Here we go, again. Fox News has the article, which you can read here.

And the definition of insanity is what? Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. By definition, the Administration is insane on all fronts.

They MUST GO! November is coming.

The Recovery (?) That Isn’t

What defines a recovery? Generally, it is tied to two drivers. Capital formation, and Personal Income.  Capital formation requires both the expansion of existing businesses, and, more importantly, the formation of new ones. Businesses and budding entrepreneurs see a set of rising opportunities, and act on them to raise capital to move forward.

When businesses expand, or are formed anew, Individuals benefit. New jobs are created, and old jobs are protected to defend the existing business. In total, wages paid rise in the populace.

(I kind of apologize for the Econ Lesson – Econ 103 – but I felt that some definition would help.)

So then, what about this “recovery”. Hmm. There is virtually no new net capital formation. Businesses are sitting on their hands (as well as cash). Entrepreneurs are on the sidelines. Business formation is at an extremely low level Why? Uncertainty. Nobody knows what is going to happen to taxes, and everyone is scared to death of the almost logarithmic expansion of regulations that has happened in the current administration.

So, what does that mean for the second recovery phase. personal income? Not Good.

The Weekly Standard has the numbers, which are rather depressing. Read their article here.

An Obama Second Term? Implications

Sometimes, I miss things, or I underestimate their importance at the time. In this case, I blew it – until Mary forwarded an email that really grabbed my attention. Fortunately the author was named, so I could look it up. It is an article from The American Thinker, from May 8, 2012 that I just missed. But I am not missing it now.

It is a very powerful article that speaks to what Obama can accomplish in a second term – even with a Republican Congress and Senate – and it is truly frightening. If you thought that this is just another election, please read this, stand back for a moment, and think again. We simply have to go all out to take the white house to even have a chance. And, even then, it will be an uphill fight to retain our country. It is that bad.

The American Thinker article is here.

American Intelligence, Compromised

It just keeps getting worse for the US in Libya. Our Ambassador and three others were killed in the attack on our Consulate. If the reports are correct, the Ambassador was dragged through the streets and allegedly sodomized as well.

That is beyond comprehension, but it is far from being the end of the story. It is now reported by Red State that our intelligence, and indeed security, have been seriously compromised. (Good luck finding this in the MSM.) It certainly seems that the Islamist jackals not only knew everything about the Consulate, but about the “safe house”, too. Now they have a trove of information that they can, and will, exploit. Read the Red State article here.

Yet another Obama administration fail. All the while trying to blame an obscure movie trailer that appeared months earlier, and virtually no one actually saw.