Nature and Natures God

Gee Whiz! Paul Ryan has caught Hell for his speech, many of it from people that ought to know better. The term “Nature” has been twisted by both sides to many dark an dangerous things.

What, if anything, are you thinking? Left, Right, Middle: I do not care at all. Your brains were left in the street when the truck ran over them.

Have you ever read the Declaration of Independence? If not, I suggest that you do, because that is where the phrase came from, not from Paul Ryan.

“Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. ” is in the very first paragraph.

How this can be a controversy on both the left and the right is way by me.

Read the Heritage article here.


2 thoughts on “Nature and Natures God

  1. Roger, don’t see the article linked. Again, these people pay little attention to history because if it didn’t happy today, it never happened. Why do you think they try to scrub youtube?

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