Obama – Voting Absent by Default

Lets see if I understand this. Our Embassy in Cairo is attacked, some of it set on fire, and our flag desecrated. Our Consulate in Benghazi is attacked, set on fire, and four American DIPLOMATIC personnel are killed. The Embassies in Yemen and Tunisia are attacked. And, while this is unfolding, Obama elects to skip the daily security briefing?

Because he can(at least in his narcissistic mind) just read the brief, and be all knowing. He does not need to drill down, and get more facts and ideas. He is all knowing.

I don’t know how many of you have owned or managed a business, But, as both, I can attest that you don’t know even 1/4 of what your customers and/or employees do.

Read the Red State article here for much more depth and insight.


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