The EPA as a Monster

It will come as no surprise to regular readers that I am no fan of the EPA. While the bureaucracy was started for all of the right reasons, and, early on, did great things for both the environment and health, those days are long gone. Now, it has morphed into an activist group, in seeming partnership with all of the environmental wacko organizations.

Right Net Daily had an article on this today, which paints an even darker picture, of a bureaucracy out of control, and beyond the reach of either Congress or the Executive branch. Take a few minutes and read it here.

Frightening, yes? In my opinion they overlooked one key point – maybe on purpose. IF, and admittedly it is a big if, the Republicans maintain the House, AND actually grow a pair this time, Congress has the option of de-funding the agency. It would take a lot more fortitude than they have demonstrated to date. If they take the Senate and the Presidency as well, other options become available. Again, fortitude would be required.


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