An Obama Second Term? Implications

Sometimes, I miss things, or I underestimate their importance at the time. In this case, I blew it – until Mary forwarded an email that really grabbed my attention. Fortunately the author was named, so I could look it up. It is an article from The American Thinker, from May 8, 2012 that I just missed. But I am not missing it now.

It is a very powerful article that speaks to what Obama can accomplish in a second term – even with a Republican Congress and Senate – and it is truly frightening. If you thought that this is just another election, please read this, stand back for a moment, and think again. We simply have to go all out to take the white house to even have a chance. And, even then, it will be an uphill fight to retain our country. It is that bad.

The American Thinker article is here.


One thought on “An Obama Second Term? Implications

  1. Nancy Baxter says:

    Thanks, Mary, for catching this vital article. I knew things are bad and could get worse with Obama in a second term, but this article spells out what many people could not get a grip on. Excellent! Nancy

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