Who would have imagined?

Fridays are usually reserved for document dumps, that the Administration really doesn’t want you to pay attention to. They are usually worth your time, if you can find them.

This case is more than a bit different. On Friday, 10/26, Obama signed a new executive order that can, and probably will mean major changes to you life. “Homeland Security”, the bastard of the Bush administration, is being expanded yet again. Read the link from Freedom Outpost, and weep. Good Grief.


Rapidly changing polls



All of a sudden, Gallup is starting to look a lot like Rasmussen. Could it be that they just don’t want to look like idiots next Tuesday? We will probably never know. But, whatever. Even Gallup has some good news to report, especially on swing state early voting. I do not want to read too much into any poll, but I am somewhat heartened.

I encourage you to read the link here, and decide for yourselves.

What if Obama Wins Reelection



Without apology, I am even swiping the title. A good friend, Mr. Ted Stevenot, wrote one masterful article on the Clermont County Tea Party web site today about what it will mean if Obama is reelected. I really have nothing to add. I just ask that you send it on to as many people that you can reach. It is that darned good.  Read the article here, and send it on.

Requiem for Jeep

Dang. This one hits too close to home. I own a Jeep Wrangler, and have owned Jeeps off and on for nearly thirty years. Mostly uncomfortable, but extremely rugged vehicles. But, when the one I own wears out, never again.

I became discouraged when Chrysler went under, and was bailed out by Obama and co. in 2009. I was appalled when Fiat bought 2/3 of it out of bankruptcy. (I have a long history with Fiat, none of it good.)

But today was the last straw. The Washington Examiner reports that Fiat is in negotiations to move all Jeep production to China (2nd largest market, 2 existing plants). Wait a minute. Move one of the few remaining American Icons to China? All of it?

OK, at one level, I get it. The ChiComs have lower production costs. But at what cost to the brand and the respect that the brand has earned? I will never own another one. You can read the Examiner article here, and decide for yourselves.

Here come the Tax Levies

Wait just a minute before you delete this in anger. This is not about bashing teachers (for the most part). They have a role, but not even close to the main role in driving taxes and tax requests up. According to the latest analysis by Heritage, the main driver is administrative costs, which tower over teacher costs by a wide margin.

The NEA, CFT, and so forth are not off the hook – at all – since most administrators are also members – still seem to be the problem. But it is much bigger than the teachers. The cost structure has been increasing since 1950, and has literally exploded since 1970. I thought that this might be the case for quite a while, but had no proof until now. Please read the Heritage article.

Think long and hard about this as Nov. 6 rapidly approaches, and you will be asked to dig in again for your “poor” local schools.

Islam, Part II

A few days ago, I posited that Islam was the real enemy that we face. A number of you took exception to that. I think that what I said was, and is true. But, I was not broad enough in my scope. I was focused on the US and Europe. It is broader than that.

As Heritage reports, Russia is also under attack, and it is serious. There is an ideology that requires complete subjugation there (as well as here). At least the Russians have awakened to it.

Read the Heritage piece here. Scratch your heads, and wonder if we will.

Who Is The Enemy?



I am more than a bit tired of the administration, the press, and a gaggle of other folks trying to shift the blame for our failures in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, etc., etc. on anything other than what it is. Islam. There is no such thing as “moderate” Islam. The Koran teaches them that the only way is to convert people to Islam, or kill them. That simple.

The only middle ground, if there is one, is that Islam takes a long view. They will infiltrate, and pervert the existing systems to their own ends – Sharia law for everyone. Witness – Europe today. The Muslims were welcomed. Now, they are a huge threat.

So, what is new? Nothing. If you studied history, you know that the Muslims (Islam) have been a threat since the days before the Crusades. Despite more than a millennium of history, we still haven’t learned a darned thing. The name of the enemy is Islam, the same as it has been for nearly 700 years. And why do we deny this rather rudimentary fact?