Wefare Spending at $1.03 TRILLION

You probably saw this at some point today. Fox, Drudge, Newsmax, and Heritage all had similar stories on the total welfare spending for 2011. $1.03 TRILLION. But, if you watched the mainstream media, not a word.

Thanks to Rep. Jim Jordan and the congressional research service for their analysis, and reporting. $ 1.03 Trillion? More than Social Security. More than Medicare. And more than National Defense – even before the sequestration cuts that hit in January, 2013.

The one thing that is constant through all of the articles is that there are 80 (Yes, you read that right) different agencies that administer different (?) versions of welfare programs. And not one article took umbrage with that. Freaking amazing. How can we have 80 welfare agencies and programs? Because the folks that you and I elected want it that way. Each official, and his or her constituency have their own pet programs and projects. And, until we A) hold their feet to the fire, or B) vote them all out, we will continue down the same path. There are no term limits in Washington, as there are in Ohio. These officials are more or less free to do as they see fit, country and constitution be damned.

November 6 is upon us. Consider wisely. And then think about the next election. How fast can we grow candidates that will do the right things for a term or two before we boot them out, too?

The Fox article is here.


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