Who Is The Enemy?



I am more than a bit tired of the administration, the press, and a gaggle of other folks trying to shift the blame for our failures in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, etc., etc. on anything other than what it is. Islam. There is no such thing as “moderate” Islam. The Koran teaches them that the only way is to convert people to Islam, or kill them. That simple.

The only middle ground, if there is one, is that Islam takes a long view. They will infiltrate, and pervert the existing systems to their own ends – Sharia law for everyone. Witness – Europe today. The Muslims were welcomed. Now, they are a huge threat.

So, what is new? Nothing. If you studied history, you know that the Muslims (Islam) have been a threat since the days before the Crusades. Despite more than a millennium of history, we still haven’t learned a darned thing. The name of the enemy is Islam, the same as it has been for nearly 700 years. And why do we deny this rather rudimentary fact?


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