Here come the Tax Levies

Wait just a minute before you delete this in anger. This is not about bashing teachers (for the most part). They have a role, but not even close to the main role in driving taxes and tax requests up. According to the latest analysis by Heritage, the main driver is administrative costs, which tower over teacher costs by a wide margin.

The NEA, CFT, and so forth are not off the hook – at all – since most administrators are also members – still seem to be the problem. But it is much bigger than the teachers. The cost structure has been increasing since 1950, and has literally exploded since 1970. I thought that this might be the case for quite a while, but had no proof until now. Please read the Heritage article.

Think long and hard about this as Nov. 6 rapidly approaches, and you will be asked to dig in again for your “poor” local schools.


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