Doha is here. Be Fearful

Once again, the UN is upon us. They have scheduled “conferences” in Doha, Qatar, starting today, and continuing through December 7. Originally, this was scheduled to be a continuation of “Climate” talks, aimed at both renewing the Kyoto treaty, and imposing new energy (carbon) taxes on developed nations – such as the US. I warned about this previously. For more information. go to

But recently, the conferences have morphed into something much bigger. They have added UN control of the internet as another treaty proposal. ( Who wouldn’t want the UN in charge of the Internet? (Sentient beings excluded, of course.)

And, they have added the “Disabilities Treaty” to the agenda. Sounds nice, but it takes away sovereignty from the US. The one country with the most laws and protections of the disabled than any other single nation. See the Foundry at Heritage.

And, therein lies the problem. None of this is about the alleged issues. It is all about the single minded UN Agenda. Namely, One World Government. These are all issues relating to power and money. The UN wants the power, and we (and to a lesser extent Europe) are not only expected to, but demanded to provide the money.

Even though we do not have it. Fiscal Cliff, anyone? But, Obama and the Administration are firmly behind all of this. Egging it on, actually.

Well, you voted for it. Can you live with it?


The UN is the Enemy

I admit it. I am a conservative, and loathe big government. I especially loathe the UN, which is even bigger government, run by 179 members that are our sworn enemies. So, when the words UN and treaty come up, my antennae are raised to the highest.

There are actually two parts to this post. The first is an innocent enough sounding treaty allegedly about persons with disabilities. Who could argue about that? Well, some maybe, especially considering that it is just a subterfuge. It is, after all a UN endeavor. Heritage has a very good article that you can read here.

The second part is the upcoming UN conference on “Climate”, that is nothing more than a money and power grab, disguised as a “treaty”. The CFACT article is here. When you get to the end, CFACT has a couple more articles that are well worth your time. You might even want to sign up.

The Next Step – Obamacare

Dang. I thought that Obamacare would take awhile to leak down into the institutions of higher learning. These hallowed institutions are an Obama favorite, after all.

But no. It seems that they are not only not exempt, But, in at least one case, an institution is taking action to thwart the costs of this misguided legislation. Breitbart first reported, and you can read it here.

I will be taking the rest of the Thanksgiving Holiday off. Back on Monday.

Changing Gears – Global Warming Focus

I am changing gears a little. I am back in my comfort zone of talking about one of the other political hot buttons. Global warming – or the lack thereof. Despite the President’s post election announcement, and the fact that the EPA has prepared a number of new, punitive regulations that will strangle the economy, I am aghast that no one in the media – including Fox News will publish anything that remotely resembles the truth.

Therefore there are two parts to this article. In this part, an article about the facts and myths about global warming. From WWUT, the largest science site, a fairly comprehensive, but understandable article, that you can read here.

And now, for science freaks like myself, a very detailed and involved article (with lots of internal links) that I read at length a couple of days ago. It really explains more variables in the equation than most of us even knew existed. If you are a science buff, it is very good. Read it here.

Then, after you have read both, try and figure out why we are where we are at.

What Gives? Does Israel have a new Status?

Once again, I just cannot understand what is going on here (the US). Israel, our purported ally is under attack by a Iran sourced rocket barrage by Hamas from the Gaza strip. Just to keep the players straight, Hamas is an identified supporter of Terrorism, and is on the official sanctions list (at least so far). Iran, the missile supplier, is also on the list of supporters of terrorism, and is subject to all manner of sanctions relative to their development of nuclear weapons capability.

So what are we – meaning the State Department and the Media – doing? Why beating the crap out of Israel for defending themselves. Shoot rockets at Israel, and then have all manner of negative press when Israel bombs the rocket launching sites? Yes, I know that many of them are located in allegedly civilian areas. But payback is hell.

I fear that we are witnessing a sea change in the administration. We have seen hints of this before, as in the “Arab Spring”, and the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Tunisia, and to a lesser extent, Libya. Has the administration turned a corner, and become a full fledged supporter of Islamists? It would be in keeping with Obama’s Indonesian upbringing. Hmm…

Repulicans? Maybe

By now, you have all seen the various analyses about what the Republicans need to do. Be more inclusive. Pander to the Latino and other immigrant vote. Be more aware and/or inclusive of “women’s issues”. i.e., pander to the pro abortion crowd.
For those of you that do not already know, the immigrant population is never going to vote republican. Their basis is in state controlled economies, and they tend to rather heavily drift there when they come here. In other words, they do not understand the principles that made us both great and exceptional. Individual freedom. They want the goodies that the Democrats offer in spades. Latino, Asian, Whatever. It makes no difference. Even the high achievers among them tend toward the Democrats, because their basis is a big, overweening government.
So what to do, we ask? Well, look into the mirror to start. If you have kids in public school, be forewarned that they are being taught progressivism, AKA Socialism, and Communism. You better get your kids a real dose of what America means. Meaning that you have to teach them, or put them in a private school that will. If we can’t win here, we can’t win. We have to convert the kids to America, the shining city on the hill to even have a chance.
Then, Get off of the couch. Now, you have to do something. Run for your county central Committee. (You must be a registered Republican to run). Change the party in YOUR favor. The Central committee makes the choices that matter. The endorsed candidate will win most of the time in the primaries, and the Central Committee determines the endorsements. Get informed at
You and your kids ( and grandchildren) can make all the difference. But, it will take work. Are you up to it?