The Benghazi Episode Continues

Another day, another big revelation about Benghazi. It is a crying shame that only Fox News is even covering this scandal. A classified cable from August was unearthed, asking for additional security about a month before the (now widely acknowledged) terrorist attack, was rebuffed by the State Department (and maybe higher). What the Hell?

And why, after more than a month, are other media outlets not only silent, but actually whitewashing this for the administration? (Try Yahoo or Google news, and gag.)

The fox News Article is here.

To be fair, RealClearPolitics also has a very good article, but they are not exactly mainstream – yet. Read their article here.

And, get mad. Redouble your efforts for the election. We MUST win.

November 6 is just a starting point. There is much more work to do.


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