Green Energy, The Scam

Obama has made, and continues to this day, to place rather extreme reliance on a “green energy” future – to the detriment of other energy sources, not to mention real, needed infrastructure investment. To what end?

Seems that the Obama administration, mostly headed by the Department of Energy has spent $14 Billion since the start of Stimulus 1 on various green energy boondoggles, including Solar, a tiny amount of geothermal, and mostly Wind – as in windmills. Heritage reports that all of this “investment” has resulted in just 1.2% of our power, and even that is notoriously unreliable. You can read the Heritage article here, and get educated.

Speaking of education, one has to wonder about the fixation on windmills. It looks like a very poor understanding of History. The Dutch used windmills for hundreds of years to pump water and grind grain. They dropped them like a hot rock when electricity came along to power the pumps, and run the grain mills. Why? Because the windmills were unreliable, and very expensive to maintain. The same as today.

Please, let us not repeat the mistake on Nov. 6.


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