What Happened to Romney?

I read quite a number of articles that attempted to analyze the reasons for yesterday’s loss. Some good, some bad, and some just ridiculous. Newsmax blamed the selection of Paul Ryan as being too radical. Ridiculous.

Turnout was indeed a factor. Romney turned out 2.8 million FEWER voters than the pitiful McCain. This, despite the alleged “energy” of the base, and an expanded ground game. The problem with the ground game was that it was last decade’s. Phone calls that no one with caller ID answers. Door to door, which, while effective, is horribly inefficient. Little to no use of social media. No micro targeting of small sub-segments. Virtually ignoring young voters and Latinos. and so forth. Bad.

The GOP itself. Once again, we were presented with a Republican moderate, establishment candidate that failed to generate a real following or enthusiasm. True, he won the primaries, but only after the media killed off the prospect of real candidates that could generate a following without even a whimper from the GOP. They wanted Romney, the electorate did not. And, from my own perspective, I did not either. Romney was not my first, second, or even third choice. He was the candidate that had to be supported to have a chance of defeating Obama. If you look back, most of you were probably in the same state of mind during the process.

The electorate changed, and we missed it. We did not, and do not know how to convince even a portion of the “takers” that there is a better way. We better learn, and learn fast. The “takers are now in the ascendency.

In the mean time, within the first few hours after victory, Obama is already busy undermining the USA. Read about it here.


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