Understanding the Media

I am sure that you have seen, as I have, a number of articles that have posited that the media would start to be more honest, and even critical now that Obama has been elected to his second term. Really? I saw no evidence, and certainly have seen no inclination to be more like reporters and less like acolytes in the Benghazi scandal (Fox excepted).

Quite the contrary. The Benghazi story has been deliberately steered from one of Government failure to a sex scandal featuring Petraeus, and now Allen. As if infidelity is something new. But the malfeasance of Benghazi, and the subsequent series of lies, as well as the cover up should have been unrelenting news. As should the incompetence of FEMA and the administration in the face of (and aftermath of) Sandy.

But today, Breitbart had a really good article on what is driving the media, and what we can really expect. You can read it here. It struck me as painfully true. And sickening. Decide for yourselves.


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