The Tea Party – Damaged Name?

I have heard that the Tea Party name is damaged on multiple occasions. At one point, I was told that we (in the Tea Party) had lost the propaganda war, and that we were now damaged goods.

Lost it to who, exactly? The Media? Yes, they have done their best to paint us as racists, extremists, Neanderthals, and worse. So, who cares? They have painted the Republican party with the same brush(es), and yet the Republican Party manages to survive, even though it did not exactly prosper in the last election. And the Tea Party, along with other knuckle dragging Conservatives have been blamed for that, too.

Sure, we backed some candidates that did not win. But so did every other party. Since when did we expect that any group would be a monolith? And that is exactly the point. We are not a monolith. We are more like a Hydra. There is no single national organization that heads the “Tea Party”, which is made up of thousands of local, individual organizations. (Much to the chagrin of Jenny Beth Martin.)

Since when, exactly, did our three core principles of Fiscal Responsibility, (Constitutionally) Limited Government, and Free Markets become offensive to anyone? Socialists, Communists, and Liberal Media excepted, of course.


One thought on “The Tea Party – Damaged Name?

  1. The Tea Party still scares the s— out of the Democrat Party because of 2010. What they found that is an effective fighting tool is demonizing something for a long period of time, and as fierce as they can, every way they can. That is how they got control of the House in 2006. We must do the same, starting now, aimed at Obama and Reid and the people of color who voted strictly democrat. We must fight off their attacks now on the people who maintain voting integrity, which is their current targets so that they maintain voting fraud for the 2014 elections. Don’t doubt me, as Rush says.

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