Repulicans? Maybe

By now, you have all seen the various analyses about what the Republicans need to do. Be more inclusive. Pander to the Latino and other immigrant vote. Be more aware and/or inclusive of “women’s issues”. i.e., pander to the pro abortion crowd.
For those of you that do not already know, the immigrant population is never going to vote republican. Their basis is in state controlled economies, and they tend to rather heavily drift there when they come here. In other words, they do not understand the principles that made us both great and exceptional. Individual freedom. They want the goodies that the Democrats offer in spades. Latino, Asian, Whatever. It makes no difference. Even the high achievers among them tend toward the Democrats, because their basis is a big, overweening government.
So what to do, we ask? Well, look into the mirror to start. If you have kids in public school, be forewarned that they are being taught progressivism, AKA Socialism, and Communism. You better get your kids a real dose of what America means. Meaning that you have to teach them, or put them in a private school that will. If we can’t win here, we can’t win. We have to convert the kids to America, the shining city on the hill to even have a chance.
Then, Get off of the couch. Now, you have to do something. Run for your county central Committee. (You must be a registered Republican to run). Change the party in YOUR favor. The Central committee makes the choices that matter. The endorsed candidate will win most of the time in the primaries, and the Central Committee determines the endorsements. Get informed at
You and your kids ( and grandchildren) can make all the difference. But, it will take work. Are you up to it?


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