What Gives? Does Israel have a new Status?

Once again, I just cannot understand what is going on here (the US). Israel, our purported ally is under attack by a Iran sourced rocket barrage by Hamas from the Gaza strip. Just to keep the players straight, Hamas is an identified supporter of Terrorism, and is on the official sanctions list (at least so far). Iran, the missile supplier, is also on the list of supporters of terrorism, and is subject to all manner of sanctions relative to their development of nuclear weapons capability.

So what are we – meaning the State Department and the Media – doing? Why beating the crap out of Israel for defending themselves. Shoot rockets at Israel, and then have all manner of negative press when Israel bombs the rocket launching sites? Yes, I know that many of them are located in allegedly civilian areas. But payback is hell.

I fear that we are witnessing a sea change in the administration. We have seen hints of this before, as in the “Arab Spring”, and the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Tunisia, and to a lesser extent, Libya. Has the administration turned a corner, and become a full fledged supporter of Islamists? It would be in keeping with Obama’s Indonesian upbringing. Hmm…


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