Changing Gears – Global Warming Focus

I am changing gears a little. I am back in my comfort zone of talking about one of the other political hot buttons. Global warming – or the lack thereof. Despite the President’s post election announcement, and the fact that the EPA has prepared a number of new, punitive regulations that will strangle the economy, I am aghast that no one in the media – including Fox News will publish anything that remotely resembles the truth.

Therefore there are two parts to this article. In this part, an article about the facts and myths about global warming. From WWUT, the largest science site, a fairly comprehensive, but understandable article, that you can read here.

And now, for science freaks like myself, a very detailed and involved article (with lots of internal links) that I read at length a couple of days ago. It really explains more variables in the equation than most of us even knew existed. If you are a science buff, it is very good. Read it here.

Then, after you have read both, try and figure out why we are where we are at.


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